St. Lawrence County Public Health Department will not post COVID-19 exposures

CANTON, NY — The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department has announced that it will no longer be posting COVID-19 exposure locations. The Public Health Department will be continuing to contact trace every positive case in the county, however.

“Over the past few weeks we have seen our numbers climb dramatically in St. Lawrence County. With approximately 700 cases reported to date—120 cases just in the last week—residents should assume that if they are out anywhere, a COVID-19 exposure is likely,” said St. Lawrence County Public Health Director Dana McGuire. “We ask that if you feel sick, even if you think it is just a cold or allergies, please stay home. Ask someone else to run your errands for you—this will help limit potential public exposures.”

McGuire also states that limiting exposure to other people and limiting social gatherings is very important. She advises residents to keep their circle small and to keep the ‘5 Pillars of Prevention’ in mind throughout the holiday season:

1. Wear a mask
2. Practice safe distancing
3. Wash your hands well and use hand sanitizer
4. Stay home when you don’t feel well
5. Stay local

McGuire acknowledges that this year’s holidays will be challenging and won’t look like most other years. “If we all remember to practice these recommendations and limit gatherings outside of our own households we can prevent exposures, decrease the spread of COVID-19, and hopefully flatten the curve that is currently rising so quickly.”