State police investigating a “swatting” incident in Herkimer County

HERKIMER —  State Police in Herkimer is investigating a “Swatting” incident at a residence on Blossom Lane in the Town of Schuyler.

At 3:47 am, Utica Police Department received a call on their seven-digit line, which was forwarded to Oneida County 911.  The caller identified himself as Casey Hernandez and stated he had been depressed and just shot his mother in the face.  He further stated he had his (2) 8-year-old sisters and his nine-year-old sister tied up in the bathroom and was going to shoot them.  The caller further stated he was in possession of a pipe bomb.

The caller provided a name and gave an address on Blossom Lane in the city of Utica.  Oneida County 911 dispatchers asked for the closest cross street, and the caller advised Country Lane.  Oneida County 911 asked about other landmarks, and the caller advised he wasn’t familiar, as they had just recently moved to the area.  The Dispatchers were able to determine the address provided was actually in the Town of Schuyler in Herkimer County.  The New York State Police Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T), Bomb Disposal Unit (B.D.U.), Crisis Negotiators, Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), and uniform members all responded to the scene.

Eventually, following several unsuccessful attempts to contact the occupants by phone and from the exterior of the residence, the homeowner, and purported victim, answered a phone call and exited the residence.  This 77-year-old female was the lone occupant of the residence and advised all was well within.  The home was cleared by State Police members, and her account was confirmed.  She further advised she had no knowledge of anyone by the name of Casey Hernandez.

Based on the caller’s inaccurate information, the fact that the female was alive and well, along with some technical work done on the phone the number provided to 911, it was determined this was a “Swatting” incident, which is currently under investigation by State Police BCI in Herkimer.

NYSP news release