Statement from mayoral candidate Allison Crossman

WATERTOWN, NY — Mayoral candidate Allison Crossman released the following statement on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019:

There is a controversy over whether I accurately represented my record as a voter, specifically in the 2017 municipal election in which I recall voting. For nearly two weeks, with the aid of the Board of Elections Republican Commissioner, Jude Seymour, one of my opponents has attempted to make an issue of this.

It is true that I have not voted in every election. Frankly, I absolutely should have.
My recollection is that I did vote in 2017. The Board of Elections, in a curious desire to go on camera, says otherwise. I was asked in a Facebook post by Stacy Zimmerman Spaziani if I had specifically voted for Stephen Jennings and Lisa Ruggiero. I responded that I had and recalled attending various functions throughout that campaign season.

Is this an issue? Perhaps to some, but it’s unfortunate my opponents and our news outlets are choosing to focus on this because it seems like there are much more important issues in the City of Watertown.

In the City’s nonpartisan format, there is no advocate at the Board of Elections for candidates, except those backed by the parties. In a sworn submission to court from the Republican Commissioner, our Board of Elections admitted to losing a ballot in the June primary. Further, the Republican Commissioner is on record saying he “unabashedly” supports Jeff Smith for Mayor. The integrity of this
election is in doubt due to the corruption that undeniably exists. I am seeking impoundment of the ballots as a result.

As indicated in the WWNY story written by Diane Rutherford, I chose not to comment on the story regarding my election record because the media is not an honest broker in this situation. Let’s remember that behind the scenes, a political bias exists to protect the interests of those who do not want a strong, independent Mayor.

A cabal of local interest sense that my campaign is surging. To maintain the status quo, there is a synchronized effort to attack my reputation and my family. I am aware of how nasty politics can be, but I assure you that I will continue to prove my fortitude as I proceed with tenacity.