Union: Inmate fight injures officer at Upstate Correctional Facility

Officer Kicked in the Face, Fractures Nasal Bone        

News Release

November 1, 2022

MALONE, NY – Two inmates began fighting in a holding cell at the maximum security correctional facility that led to one officer fracturing his nose when he attempted to break the fight up and was kicked in the face by one of the inmates.

On Friday, October 28, one inmate entered a holding cell, where another inmate was being held.  The two inmates began exchanging punches. An officer ordered the inmates to stop but they ignored the officer’s orders. The officer administered OC spray to both inmates with no effect.  Additional staff arrived at the holding cell and the cell door was opened.  Staff entered the cell and used shields to force both inmates to the ground, where they continued to fight. Both inmates remained combative on the floor as staff attempted to separate them. During the scuffle,  one of the inmates kicked one officer in the face. Officers were able to gain control of both inmates and apply handcuffs.

Once in handcuffs, both inmates became compliant.  They were brought to their feet and escorted out of the cell and to the infirmary to be decontaminated and evaluated.

The officer who was kicked in the face sustained swelling and pain to his thumb, elbow and nose.  He was transferred to Alice Hyde Medical Center where he was diagnosed with a fractured nasal bone.

Both inmates, who were convicted in Bronx County for Murder 2nd in 2014 and 2022 respectively, face internal disciplinary charges in the incident.

“With one week left to election day, we need to have legislators who support law enforcement and who will make it a priority to repeal the HALT Act the day they take office.  The only way to change that anti-law enforcement sentiment in Albany is to change the individuals who support ridiculous legislation like the HALT Act and bail reform.  It is our sincere hope that next Tuesday the voters will elect representatives that have the common sense ability to recognize some of the policies that exist now have contributed to the recent crime wave in our communities and the increased violence in our prisons.  Unless change occurs, the violence unfortunately will continue.”  – said, John Roberts NYSCOPBA Northern Region Vice President.