Union: Two officers injured at Gouverneur Correctional Facility

Inmate, Who Refused to Leave Cell, Attacks Staff           

For Immediate Release

February 21, 2023

GOUVERNEUR, NY –  An inmate, who initially refused to leave his cell to attend a scheduled court appearance, struck several officers and fought with them as they attempted to contain him at the medium security correctional facility last week.

Initially, on Wednesday, February 15, an officer ordered the inmate to exit his cell so he could be transported to a court appearance in Clinton County.  The inmate refused to exit the cell.  Several more orders were given and he refused to comply.

Attempts to de-escalate the situation were unsuccessful.  An extraction team responded to the cell and chemical agents were deployed into the cell.  Initially,  the chemical agents had no effect because the inmate had pushed his mattress up against the food slot in his cell door.  An officer was successful unblocking the food slot and chemical agents were deployed into the cell again.

After three applications, the inmate became compliant and followed orders to exit the cell.  He was escorted to be decontaminated.  After being decontaminated, the inmate became combative again and head-butted an officer in his department helmet.  He was placed in body holds and forced to the floor where he continued to be combative and head-butted another officer in his department helmet and spit at him.

Staff eventually were able to contain the inmate and place him in handcuffs and leg restraints and he was escorted to the transport van to be taken to court.

Two officers were injured in the incident.  One officer had wrist pain and numbness to his fingers.  A second officer sustained pain and swelling to his bicep.  Both officers were treated by medical staff at the facility and remained on duty.

The inmate, 24, is serving a five year sentence after being convicted in Kings County in 2019 for Robbery first-degree. The court appearance in Clinton County was for a previous assault on staff at Clinton Correctional Facility.

“As the State Legislature sits idly by and refuses to address the violence against staff in our state prisons, our members are getting assaulted and injured on a daily basis.  Simply put, the HALT Act is the single biggest factor in the rise of violence against staff and other inmates.  The legislation was ill-conceived and will have long-term effects on the safety of every facility unless the legislature repeals or amends the legislation and address the violence.” – stated Bryan Hluska , Central Region Vice President.