Update: Watertown City School District’s response to concerns about bed bugs

Patricia B. LaBarr posted in Watertown City School District
May 9, 2022

The District has received many phone calls based on social media and media posts today in regards to bed bugs. While the District cannot respond to every allegation made in the media/social media, we are responding to the volume of calls received today.

Watertown City School District has developed a protocol for handling situations where bed bugs are found or suspected to be found in one of the district’s buildings, either on a student or his/her belongings or in the facility itself. The District places a high priority on the health and safety of students, and this includes the emotional security of students who may be susceptible to acquiring bed bugs on their persons and/or belongings.

Bed Bugs: What We Should Know

  • Bed bug infestations are uncommon in schools. Bed bugs found in schools often originate from another site, “hitchhiking” to the building on a person or their belongings after the person encountered them elsewhere.

  • Finding one bed bug does not mean an infestation has occurred.

  • Bed bugs are small, but can be seen.

  • The less clutter there is, the less likely bed bugs are to thrive.

Below is the protocol that will be followed each time bed bug(s) are suspected to be present at Watertown City School District.


As always, student safety is a top priority within the Watertown City School District.
Superintendent LaBarr