Volunteers needed to assist with COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts

CANTON, NY — The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department is seeking help from medical and non-medical volunteers as they move forward planning for the anticipated COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Since the start of the pandemic, the county has reported over 2,000 cases of COVID-19 and the number of cases has continued to rise during the holiday season.

The Public Health Department’s goal is to make the vaccine available to all eligible residents of St. Lawrence County and to make the vaccination process as efficient as possible.

In order to do so, the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department is asking for both medical and non-medical volunteers to support community vaccination activities at multiple locations across the county.

Medical volunteers are needed to assist with pre-vaccination screenings, vaccine administration, and post- vaccination monitoring. Volunteers in this category include:

1. Registered nurses
2. Licensed practical nurses
3. Licensed physicians
4. Licensed nurse practitioners
5. Licensed physician assistants
6. Licensed pharmacists
7. Midwifes
8. Dentists /Dental hygienists
9. Podiatrists
10. EMS/Community Paramedicine
11. Nursing students and Physician Assistant students
12. Executive Order 202.86, released 12/28, also extends permission to retirees who are medical professionals and still in good standing the ability to volunteer

Non-medical volunteers are needed to assist with operations and activities at the vaccination sites, such as registration and check-in, data entry, greeting and routing participants, traffic flow, and other administrative tasks.

Volunteers will work in collaboration with the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department and the local hospital systems to vaccinate county residents. Those interested in volunteering will register through ServNY.

ServNY is a registry of health care and mental health professionals, as well as community residents, who wish to volunteer during a public health emergency or major disaster.

If interested in registering to be either a medical or non-medical volunteer, please contact the St. Lawrence County Public Health Volunteer Coordinator at JWatson@stlawco.org or (315) 229-3407 or go to https://www.stlawco.org for information on the process.

For additional information regarding COVID-19, please contact the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department (315) 386-2325 or visit the St. Lawrence County website at https://www.stlawco.org/.