Walczyk joins restaurant workers to demand answers about the future of tipped wages

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk greets restaurant workers advocating at the Capitol to protect tipped wages in New York

ALBANY, NY — On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I,Ref-Watertown) joined members of the Restaurant Workers Association and statewide tipped-wage workers to advocate against the governor’s proposal to end tipped wages in New York. The largest number of tipped employees are in the restaurant industry, which has cited that take-home pay for many workers would decrease and that customers would be less inclined to leave tips.

“As a strong advocate for workers rights, I will fight to ensure that the people who work these jobs have their voices heard,” said Walczyk.  “I have listened to the men and women who work in these industries every day and they rely on their own hard work and grit to support their families. This is a clear example of government in search of a problem; it’s ironic because the very people this proposal purports to help oppose it. I will echo your call and fight to preserve tipped wages in New York.”