Walczyk opposes Albany’s proposed ammo tax hike

WATERTOWN, NY —  Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C – Watertown) today criticized downstate lawmakers who proposed a tax-and-spend plan on ammunition. Walczyk said the misguided proposal will only hurt law abiding sportsmen and gun owners. 

“Our cities are facing a crime wave that NYC politicians created. Instead of fixing bail reform and supporting our police, the same NYC politicians’ nickel and dime us, pretending like it’s going to help the violence on their streets. Everyone knows the majority of gun crime is committed with illegally-obtained weapons and ammunition, not by law-abiding gun owners,” said Assemblyman Mark Walczyk.

“I can’t imagine a single murderer deciding not to pull the trigger because the price per round went up. But we all know, ammo is becoming scarce and this attempt at driving up prices is a direct attack on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.” 

Walczyk pointed to the recent news story from the New York City subway where a woman was brutally and gruesomely attacked with a hammer. That same weekend, also in the subway, six other people were stabbed or slashed with knives or other sharp weapons.

Walczyk said, “Hunters shouldn’t have to pay for the crimes of lawbreakers and serial criminals. I will oppose this tax-hike and do everything I can to protect New Yorkers from these blame-shifting policies.”