Walczyk blasts new license plates

WATERTOWN, NY —  Assemblyman Mark C. Walczyk, R-Watertown, released the following statement on Wednesday Aug. 21, 2019:

“This year we saw a state budget that imposed over $4 billion in new taxes and still grossly overestimated projected revenue. The new license plates that could cost north of $40 a plate and I view this as one more scheme to inequitably tax Upstate.

We’ve seen this idea floated before and it hasn’t gotten better with time. When Governor Paterson proposed the idea, it was bad policy then and it’s just as bad today. Soaking tax payers by requiring them to buy new license plates isn’t the answer to a clean balance sheet. Imposing new fees on New York’s small businesses will not grow our economy.

Cutting spending, slashing red tape and making the state more business friendly will go a lot farther in balancing future budgets. Instead of letting New Yorkers vote on which design looks nice, how about letting them vote on where they’d like to cut the State’s bloated budget?”