WFD: Woman rescued from Black River

Date: 30 July 2023

Time: 2045 hrs.

Incident: Water Rescue

Location: The Black River between Mill St Bridge and Pearl St. Bridge

Companies Responding: E1, E2, E3, T1, R1, Chief 3

Situation Found: City fire Units responded with the Swift Water Rescue Trailer in
response to PD witnessing a subject jump off the Pearl St. bridge into the Black River.

Responding units were advised by PD the subject was being swept downstream.
Firefighters and PD on the north bank of the river were able to locate the victim
clinging to branches along the shore. These responders were able to make contact and pull the victim onto shore. As the responders were gaining access on the riverbank other fire units were launching a Swift Water Rescue Boat from Factory Park.

Due to the extreme terrain on the shore and the victim’s physical condition, the victim was transported via boat back to Factory Park for EMS treatment and transport to SMC by GEMS.

Battalion Chief
Ronald Wareham