Woman involved in crash with Tracy Morgan’s new Bugatti says…

 Credit: Inside Edition   https://ietv.co/2EUg29Y

NEW YORK, NY —  In a TV exclusive airing on Wednesday, INSIDE EDITION speaks with Jocelyn Madulid, the woman involved in a car incident with actor Tracy Morgan.

The 61-year-old was behind the wheel of her Honda CR-V when it got into an accident with Morgan’s brand-new Bugatti on 42nd street and 10th avenue in Manhattan. Morgan purchased the luxury vehicle for $2 million and had driven it off the lot just 15 minutes before the crash.

A new video posted online shows Morgan moments after the collision. “Bitch, get out of the car!” exclaims the furious actor.

Madulid says she was shaken by his reaction. “I was traumatized,” Madulid told INSIDE EDITION.

The driver showed INSIDE EDITION her car and says the damages are very minor, with just a few scratches on the rims.

As for the actor, fixing his luxury vehicle will not be cheap. A typical oil change for the car costs nearly $25,000.

Police took an accident report from Morgan. Both drivers say it’s the other’s fault, but the driver has a message for the actor.

“I’m so sorry it happened to us,” said Madulid.

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